January 2021 – What lies ahead for Overseas Property Investors here in the UK?

Here we are in the UK at the start of 2021 – Brexit has been Agreed – we are on our 3rd Covid induced Lockdown and the weather has turned to snow.

The good news is that the UK property market is alive and well and continues to be an exciting place to invest in.

In 2020 UK house prices grew at their fastest since November 2015 and indeed this trend is expected to continue with a very promising start of 2021.

The agreement between the UK and EU over Brexit has now been settled and this gives clarity for the way ahead. The one thing that property in the UK has shown property investors is the resilience of this asset class in tough times. Something that should give investors much comfort.

The One significant factor in this resilience and growth is the stamp duty holiday introduced by the UK government which will currently expire in March 2021. The Chancellor’s Budget in March 2021 is bound to address this – especially as property is a big financial earner and so will be keenly watched and supported.

When compared to other countries, the UK has a very good rental market, with a lot of demand for renting property. Interestingly, one of the big trends that emerged from the 2nd post-lockdown property searches was that more people were looking to move away from the city, to quieter town areas with more space.